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01/01/12 - AVA Technology introduces the SLIM version for the popular US12B3 module. The SLIM module keeps all the nice features (brightness, constant current technology,etc.). The appearance got improved and use the whole module for better heat dissipation. It's available in white and red.

09/01/11 - AVA Technology introduces US2344 linear Light Bar which generates 450 lumen brightness from a designer looking aluminum @ 0.24 in x 0.4 in x 12 in

04/28/11 - AVA Technology attends International Sign Expo (ISA show) in Las Vegas. All weather modules (injection molded housing with LENS) are introduced to market : US14N3 white and US1520 RGB. AVA provides the total solutions to RGB projects. It is the most advanced and easy to use system in the market.

06/30/10 - AVA Technology introduces Jazz Ultra RGB system. Jazz Ultra RGB system is a state of the art RGB system that allows the RGB controller to address each RGB module with different color changing effects.
02/01/10 - AVA Technology introduces Ultra deep red color in Atom series. This red module is one of the brightest deep red in the industry. We did not skimp on quality as we added constant current technology for this module as well.

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